Create perfect phone greeting messages and IVRs

Ringstar Cloud Phone Greeting Message, IVRRule 1

The shorter it is, the better. The sentences should be short and simple.

Rule 2

Don’t use the most popular greeting messages. They might not be the best even though they are widely used.

Rule 3

Take a good care of the caller. Make sure they spend as less time on the line as possible.

Rule 4

Have a clear and concise message. It should be easy to understand and remember.

Rule 5 

Be careful when mentioning dates of deals and sales in the greeting message. Make sure they’re valid.


The main principles of creating great greeting messages and IVRs.  

1. Logic and simplicity. 

The simpler it is, the fewer options and sub-options are created, the bigger the chance that the client will stay on the line and wait. The research has shown that a regular person comfortably can keep no more than  5 to 7 items in mind. Simplify and cut out everything that is not important.

2. Choose a professional Voice Over Specialist.

This is a common practice where companies ask their employees to record a greeting message, believing their voices sound good enough. In reality, for the people who don’t know those individuals personally, their voices might not sound as good. Voice Artists have clear diction and engaging sound which will definitely work in your favor. It is also important to find out which voice – male or female – is preferable for your organization. The voice you choose will be firmly associated with the style, image, and brand of your company.

3. Think through the content that will be recorded.

Make sure there is no sign of negativity for the caller. If the message is saying “sorry to keep you waiting” the caller will subconsciously have a negative feeling. Instead, use a positive form of the same message such as “we highly appreciate your patience”.  Also, don’t use professional jargon unless it is necessary in your industry. All the words should be simple and easy to understand.

4. Music cover. Which one to choose?

If you have your own company music that you use in ads, don’t rush to use it for a greeting message. Many people have a negative association with ads and they won’t like being reminded about them on the phone. Using your favorite song is not the best option either, most likely not everybody who calls your company likes that song as you do. Something neutral is the best option. Make sure that neither voice nor background music is dominated in the greeting message.


4 Tips for Greeting Messages that will increase sales. 

1. Inform your client about the new offer you have. Try to deliver that information in an interesting and fun way.

2. Let your clients know why you’re a better option on the market. Mention the awards your company won or successes you’ve achieved. Don’t be afraid to brag about your “accomplishments”.

3. Offer your products and services in the greeting message. The client can’t buy a product unless he or she knows about it. While they wait on the line, make sure the recording informs them about everything that your company is providing.

4. Variety is the key to success. Play relaxing music between the company’s offerings. This approach will give time to the clients to think about the information they just heard. Moreover, in that case, the waiting time will feel shorter than it is.

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