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We can connect your personal mobile numbers to our cloud PBX system or you can choose the numbers you like from the available pool.

Ringstar UAE numbers are not attached to any physical address. They can be used from anywhere in the world, as long as your agents have a stable internet connection.

The image shows that the set up of Ringstar cloud PBX is easy

VOIP Providers In UAE

The business sector has changed quite dramatically in the last couple of decades, especially regarding customer support services. Traditional call centers have become a thing of the past, with businesses opting for more reliable and productive call center software solutions to handle their operations. And that is Cloud-based call center solutions. Cloud-based call center solutions are a breath of fresh air in an industry that has been heavily hit due to increasing demand as well as the recent pandemic. And for businesses looking for cloud-based call center solutions, Ringstar is the place for them to be.

Track the number of inbound and outbound calls that your agents are making and receiving. See detailed reports on missed calls and how many of them are returned. Listen to the recordings of your agents’ calls, identify who is following the phone scripts and how effective your phone scripts are.

The reasons companies choose Ringstar Cloud Telephony System.

Assisting Businesses
for 4 Years

With a strong track record in VoIP technologies built on development and innovation.

Dependable and
Simple to Use

Customers all across the UAE use Ringstar as their business communication solution.

First-Class Support 24/7

All clients receive FREE, quality, UAE-based customer service that is available 24/7.


Get Ringstar Cloud PBX solutions for your business.

Ringstar offers a wide range of custom cloud-based solutions to businesses that propel their efficiency substantially. Not only are our solutions some of the most reliable in the market, but they can also be integrated with your CRM system without much hassle. In the current times, when businesses simply cannot afford to play on the backfoot, Ringstar Cloud PBX is the ace in the hole that a business needs. This system allows the operators to not only make calls from a number of devices using a SIP number, but the business owner and the supervisors can also track the number of calls an operator is handling in their allotted time. This results in a better performance review of the team as well. This solution also allows businesses to easily scale their business up and down as per their requirement. These are just some of the benefits of Ringstar Cloud PBX solutions.
Ringstar Cloud PBX solutions are effective and cost-friendly cloud-based solutions available in the market.

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