CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations

Ringstar cloud PBX in UAE and CRM integration.

How to integrate Ringstar Cloud PBX with your CRM?

Integrations with the most popular CRM systems are already completed. To integrate your CRM with Ringstar, you don’t need to have programming skills, the whole process can be done in a few clicks. 

Benefits of CRM integration:

Once the call is received, the client’s profile in the CRM system will pop up automatically. This will enable the agent to address the client by his or her name, which will increase customer loyalty. If a call is received from a new client, a new profile in the CRM system will be created, which would guarantee that you won’t lose any contacts.  

With automated call forwarding to the responsible agents in the CRM, your clients won’t waste their time waiting to be connected with the right specialist.

Call history and call recordings will be available on clients’ profiles in the CRM system. 

By making calls directly from the CRM, agents will be more efficient with their time.  

Ringstar API enables the integration of Cloud PBX with almost any application. If we don’t have a built-in integration with your CRM system yet, it can be completed via API.

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