Call Recording

Call Recording

Ringstar cloud PBX call recordings in UAE.

Why do you need to have Call Recordings? 


Don’t miss important details.

Often, during a conversation with a client, an agent doesn’t have time to note down all the important information, especially if he or she is not at the office. Listening to the recordings of these calls will allow agents not to call again and ask clients to repeat the information. Before making a follow-up call, agents can refresh their memory on what has been said in previous calls by listening to call recordings.


Conduct training for agents.

Record calls of underperforming employees. Find out if these agents can effectively explain the values and benefits of your products and services. Discuss the mistakes that have been made in the conversations. Complete the training by listening to the calls of the best-performing agents.


Resolve disputes.

Situations where your clients and your employees have different versions of what has been said over the phone happen often. Call recordings will help resolve issues and avoid misunderstandings.


Find out what’s important for your clients.

Listening to call recordings is the best way to find out what your clients think about your products and services. By listening to call recordings you can learn what your clients like, what they are afraid of, or don’t understand.


Monitor if call scripts are followed by agents.

Call recordings will enable you to identify agents that follow the phone scripts and those that don’t.

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