Call Menu (IVR)

Call Menu (IVR)

Ringstar IVR, call menu in UAE. Calls are being routed to different departments.

What is Call Menu (IVR)?

IVR plays pre-recorded messages and processes calls with call routing. In other words, IVR assists callers with reaching out to particular departments or employees by offering them menu options where they can use a phone keypad and get connected with a particular department or an employee.


Why IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is needed?


Improve customer experience.

Professionally created call menus with customized greetings will improve the first interaction with the client.



Reduce the cost of receiving and distributing calls.

Interactive Voice Response is much less expensive compared to hiring a receptionist.


Automatically inform the client with important information.

For example, working hours, discounts, or the release of a new product.


Multiple calls can be processed at the same time.

Interactive Voice Response never gets tired and can handle any number of inbound calls. The tool dramatically reduces the number of missed calls.


Interact with clients during non-working hours.

The call menu (Interactive Voice Response / IVR) is extremely useful for processing calls in the evenings and during weekends. Clients will be informed about working hours, offered to leave a voicemail, or forwarded to the operator that works irregular work hours.


Creates a positive impression.

Interactive Voice Response / IVR never misses calls, answers calls instantly, forwards inbound calls to the right departments and employees. The system processes calls when no one is at the office.

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