7 ways to use cloud telephony system for sales growth

The use of cloud PBX for sales growthListen to phone calls. 

Call recordings enable a better understanding of clients and identify what can be improved in the phone scripts. By listening to agents’ calls, you will quickly find out who is not fully involved in the work, who is not following the scripts, and who is speaking with clients unprofessionally. To get the whole picture of how your sales team is communicating with clients, you don’t need to listen to hundreds of calls. A few hours per week is usually enough. Another superpower of call recordings is that they can be used for the training of new agents. Just give the new reps call recordings from senior sales agents and they will learn from real examples. 

Analyse call data. 

Find out the peak hours during the day, the number of leads that are calling you, and the number of calls during non-working hours. With that data, you will easily identify when the working day should start and finish, if you need to hire more agents or not and who is performing best in the team. 

Use a CRM system. 

There is an abundance of CRM systems for different kinds of businesses and for any budget. They allow companies to better manage the contact information of their prospective clients. When a CRM system is integrated with cloud telephony, it becomes even more valuable because call recordings are saved in clients’ profiles. When a new inbound call is received, a new client’s profile in the CRM will be created, or if the number is already in the CRM, an existing profile will open up.     

Connect a multi-channel number. 

Years ago, companies had one business number and one conversation at a time. These days, we have multi-channel numbers that can be used for inbound and outbound calls at the same time by multiple agents. Your sales department will process more calls, which will increase the revenue and clients’ satisfaction level as well. 

Address your clients by their names. 

Add an address book to your cloud telephony. When your clients call you, your agents will see right away who is calling and they will be able to address them by their names. 

Add voice greeting. 

Even before the client gets connected with the sales rep, you can show that he or she called the right number and you as a company appreciate their call. If all sales agents are busy, the voice message will ask the caller to stay on the line. If the client calls during non-working hours, a voice message will say that you’re closed at the moment, but you will definitely call them back once you open.  

Apply smart call forwarding.

Inbound calls from regular clients will be forwarded directly to the agent that was in touch with the client before. This makes your clients more loyal to your company and saves time on forwarding calls between departments and agents.   

You can apply all the solutions mentioned above from Ringstar cloud PBX. 

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